Bose Link AR1 Wireless Audio Receiver - Display model

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The Bose link AR1 wireless audio receiver works with the AL8 wireless transmitter connected to your LifestyleDVD system. If you've already expanded your system benefits to a second room with the AL8 homewide wireless audio link consisting of a transmitter and receiver this individual AR1 receiver will establish sound in yet another listening area.

The AR1 receiver accepts two independent audio streams from your Lifestyle  system in this listening area. And there's no room-to-room wiring required between the two.

Connect your receiver to a Bose link enabled product and receive signals from up to 203cm away. Radio-frequency operation allows reception through most walls and floors. You can also choose to receive audio from any components connected to your Lifestyle  system.

The key technology for this homewide wireless audio solution is our proprietary Free Field  circuitry. It enables the AR1 receiver to operate efficiently in the presence of signals from cordless phones, wireless Internet connections and other devices. And it helps deliver Bose quality sound throughout your home, without interruption, and with low transmission latency. This virtually eliminates the echo effect heard when a wireless signal plays back much later than the original.

  • Receives audio from your Lifestyle system in another room
  • No costly, disruptive wiring installation required
  • Works through most walls and floors
  • Receives wireless signal up to 203 cm from the AL8 transmitter attached to your Lifestyle system
  • Proprietary Free Field circuitry limits interference from other devices like cordless phones and wireless Internet
  • AR1 receiver measures H 7.6 cm x W 15.2 cm x D 15.2 cm

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